Flying Baakra


A cool weather reporter for your desktop. I created this program to experiment with internet downloading. Looking at the code of this program will help you learn about painting using GTK and .NET and downloading from the internet.

Flying Baakra downloads local weather information using your internet connection directly from the National Weather Service. Its fast, easy to use and looks cool on your desktop. Have fun and check out the weather in Alaska. Use this in your classroom to research the weather in different areas.

Package Downloads

System Notes
Windows Windows Download Flying Baakra for windows here. This program does not depend on other software. Runs on Windows.


Version Notes
None Available This version relies on GTK+ 2.8 or greater, libxslt and libxml. Right now, it will compile and run on Windows 2000, XP and x64 as well as linux systems. To use it on windows 9x you must use GTK+2.6.10 or earlier.