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Ions Database for Moodle

Chemistry glossary for the Moodle course management system. This is a database of common monatomic and polyatomic ions and their valences. This database could be used by students to help them study their ions. Check out the screenshot below to see how it looks.

To import the database:

  • The following file is a compressed (.zip) file. First, download and unzip the file.
  • Login to your moodle site and goto the class you would like to import the database.
  • Turn editing on
  • From "Add an activity", choose "Database"
  • Create the Database with the options you would like, then click "Save Changes".
  • Select the "Presets" tab. Under "Import from zip file", select the preset.zip file.
  • Select the "Add Entry" tab. Choose "Upload entries from a file". Browse for the ions.csv file. Set the field enclosure for a quotation mark. Then click Upload file. If it works, then you should see that 71 entries were uploaded.
  • The images of the ions must be added individually.

Created using Moodle 1.7.2