Summary provides a few useful pieces of software. All software on this site is open source. All this software is free to download and use. It is does NOT contain any adware or other junk and it is safe to use on your computer. Please, support this site by making a donation as it is the only way we are supported.

Build Your Own Jeopardy (BYOJeopardy)

A game creator for your classroom or workplace. You can create great looking games using various templates including a classic jeopardy-like board and a board that is similiar to the gameshow "Who wants to be a Millionaire?" - we call it "Who wants to be a Billionaire?".

Moodle Extras

A SAT glossary, chemistry glossary and ions database extra for your Moodle site.


A simple windows application to convert xml to another format using xsl. I used this application to debug the exporting functions in early versions of BYOJeopardy.

Flying Baakra

A cool weather reporter for your desktop. Check out the weather all across the globe.

A lesson plan wiki that anyone can edit. There is also a lesson plan program that you can use to organize your plans.